Clarify the strategic position of the coal chemical industry

Time: 2019-03-18

Although after the '12th Five-Year Plan' coal chemical development boom, but the coal chemical industry is still differently debated. At the 2015 China (Ordos) International Coal Chemical Development Forum and Exhibition held today, Gu Xiulian, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress, called for further clarification of the strategic position of the coal chemical industry, and included modern coal chemical industry as a key industry. Three-five plan.

Gu Xiulian pointed out that people's understanding of coal chemical industry is not yet unified, there is controversy, and to develop an industry must have a national level of planning and layout, so it is important to define the important strategic position of coal chemical industry and to formulate industry plans for future development. .

“The development of coal chemical industry has indeed reached an important time node,” Li Yongwu, president of the Third Council of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, sighed at the annual meeting of the Coal Chemical Industry Committee of the China Petrochemical Federation held last night. At the beginning of the chemical industry, it has encountered many difficulties such as the falling of oil prices, the new normal of China's economy, and the de-capacity of the industry. 'The problem that cannot be avoided now is whether modern coal chemical industry should develop or not. How to develop?' It is certain that Li Yongwu hopes that the Coal Chemical Industry Committee can formulate an industry white paper to rationally think about the current deep drop in oil prices, solve the problem of strategic understanding and positioning, and provide policy advice to the country, “do a good overall plan, not a Problems in the city, a province, and a region.'

For the further development of modern coal chemical industry, Li Yongwu gave five suggestions at the opening ceremony of today's forum. First, we must scientifically plan the layout and promote the orderly development of the industry. It is recommended that government departments coordinate and coordinate, study and formulate a unified modern coal chemical industry policy, study and determine strict access standards, and curb overheated investment and disorderly expansion of production capacity. Second, we must vigorously promote technological innovation and improve the technical level of the industry. The state should further strengthen its support for the development of key common technologies for modern coal chemical industry, strengthen the collaborative research between industry, academia and research, and promote the rapid transformation of results. The third is to promote coupled multi-generation and improve the overall competitiveness of the industry. Coupling and integrating multiple coal chemical technologies can promote cyclical links between different industries, produce a variety of clean fuels, chemical raw materials, and heat and electricity products, and greatly improve the comprehensive utilization rate of resources. The fourth is to strengthen safety and environmental protection, and promote green development, low-carbon development and circular development. The fifth is to strengthen the research on the standardization system of coal chemical industry. Accelerate the formulation of a number of clean and efficient utilization technologies, products and equipment standards for coal, and improve the quality and process standards of coal and conversion products. At the same time, strengthen coordination, convergence or mutual recognition with relevant standards in the fields of oil and gas, petrochemicals and automobiles. Gradually form a more scientific, advanced and complete modern coal chemical standard system.

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