Four characteristics of modern coal chemical industry in China

Time: 2019-03-18

In recent years, China's modern coal chemical industry has made positive progress and outstanding achievements in terms of industrial scale and technological innovation. It has highlighted four major characteristics, namely, the continuous growth of industrial scale and the realization of safe and stable demonstration projects. Long-term operation, demonstration project energy consumption, water consumption and “three wastes” emissions have been declining, and technological innovation has achieved a number of new results.

Four major characteristics in the development of coal chemical industry:

First, the scale of the industry continues to grow. Since the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, especially during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, modern coal chemical projects with coal-to-liquid, coal-to-olefin, coal-based ethylene glycol and coal-based gas have all opened up the process, and the industrial scale is steadily increase.

According to statistics, as of the end of September this year, China's coal-to-liquids production capacity was 9.21 million tons/year, coal-to-natural gas production capacity was 5.105 billion cubic meters/year, coal-to-olefin production capacity was 8.72 million tons/year, and coal-to-ethylene glycol production capacity was 3.47 million tons/ In the year, it increased by 214.3%, 64.4%, 69.6%, and 50.9% respectively from the beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan. The continuous growth of modern coal chemical industry has laid a solid foundation for the clean and efficient use of coal.

Second, the demonstration project basically achieved safety, stability, and long-term operation. By optimizing the process technology and improving the management level, the demonstration project operation is becoming more and more mature. Shenhua Ning Coal's 4 million tons/year coal indirect liquefaction project has completed the whole process of the process since the end of 2016, and the oil line AB line is fully loaded at the end of 2017. Currently, the project maintains a high load operation of 85% to 90%. Shenhua Erdos coal direct liquefaction project officially entered commercial operation in 2011. Through continuous improvement and optimization, production is becoming more and more stable. From 2011 to 2017, production continued to maintain about 85% of load operation, achieving a record of 420 days of stable operation in a single cycle. Design 310 days of running time. Yitai's 160,000 tons/year coal indirect liquefaction industrial demonstration unit was put into operation in 2009. Since 2012, the output has exceeded the design capacity for 6 consecutive years. In 2017, the production of various types of oil products was 189,000 tons. The installation has always been stable, stable and long. Full and excellent running status. Datangkeqi coal-to-gas and its supporting gas pipeline project achieved continuous online operation time of more than 100 days in 8 gasifiers in 2017, and the maximum continuous operation time of a single gasifier reached 241 days. The highest oxygen load of gasifier single furnace Reach 120% of the design load.

Third, the energy consumption, water consumption and “three wastes” emissions of demonstration projects are declining. Shenhua Ning Coal's 4 million tons/year coal indirect liquefaction project maximizes the use of air coolers by selecting advanced water-saving technologies. The circulating cooling water system uses a water-saving and anti-fog cooling tower. The evaporation loss rate can be reduced by 19%. More than 5 million cubic meters. The sulfide and nitrogen oxides produced by the boiler flue gas pass the ammonia desulfurization + SCR denitration process, and the recovery rates are 98% and 80% respectively, and the ultra-low emission reform, the dust emission concentration reaches ≤ 5 mg / standard cubic meter. The waste water is cleaned and diverted, classified and reused, and water-saving measures are adopted to basically achieve “zero discharge” of wastewater from the whole plant. The waste residue is comprehensively treated and recycled, and 43.2% of the boiler waste ash is used as raw materials for building materials such as bricks and ceramics, and all other solid wastes are treated harmlessly. Up to now, the water consumption per ton of oil for the demonstration project has been reduced from 10 tons of water per ton of oil to 5.82 tons of water per ton of oil, and the water consumption per 10,000 yuan of industrial added value is 17.8 tons, far lower than the national average. The level is 68.2 tons. In addition, Shaanxi Future Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. 1 million tons / year coal indirect liquefaction and oil production industry demonstration project in 2017 a total of 11.297 million cubic meters of water treatment, of which 4,298,500 cubic meters of sewage treatment, 100% compliance rate; water treatment water consumption 699.9 Ten cubic meters, the compliance rate is 99%.

Fourth, technological innovation has achieved a number of new results. Jinhua Furnace is the world's first gasification industrial device for direct-connecting radiation waste water from coal-water slurry. It has excellent energy-saving and environmental protection performance and realizes comprehensive application in the fields of chemical industry, electric power, gas and heat supply. Shenning Furnace has a coal injection capacity of 2,500 to 3,000 tons per day, and has already licensed 23 sets of domestic and foreign companies such as American Peak Group and Inner Mongolia Yitai Group. Shenhua Ningmei Group and Zhongke Synthetic Oil Company have cooperated to build a 4 million tons/year coal indirect liquefaction industrial plant, and various technical performance indicators have reached the international advanced level. Inner Mongolia Yitai Group has expanded its product routes such as stable light hydrocarbons, normalized stable light hydrocarbons, liquid paraffin, Fischer-Tropsch soft wax and Fischer-Tropsch refined wax on the basis of the original, and realized the extension of products to chemical raw materials. Hangyang Group has successfully developed a large-scale air separation complete set of 100,000 grades. It is currently the world's largest single-unit capacity oxygen plant, and it has entered the international advanced for the first time. The Drum Group successfully developed a large-scale air separation compressor of 100,000 grades, which forced foreign manufacturers to significantly reduce the price of domestic bidding products.

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